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Us-Ireland Working Holiday Agreement

If you have any questions about working abroad or applying for a visa, please leave them in the comments below. These programs are called working holiday visas and they are agreements between some countries to promote cultural exchanges. They are reciprocal – which means, for example, that young Irish people will be able to work in Ireland with this type of visa, which will be the same in the United States. Most banks want to send an “official” letter to your address with your name on it. You can use either your official rental agreement or your PPS number, which the office sends to your address. Then you have to open an Irish bank account in Ireland. Depending on which bank you want to use, you must provide a passport, a work visa authorization, your social security number (for U.S. tax purposes) and proof of address. Hello Alex, thank you for your reply! It`s clear halfway, I`d say ;). In fact, I was wondering if I could reach the maximum of 90 days by applying for the work leave visa in Ireland and going from there to Schengen (for more than 90 days).

Would it work? (Note: Canadians and Australians also have the right to apply for a work leave visa in Ireland. For more information, please visit the Embassy of Canada website or the Australian Embassy website. Many Americans who come on a work leave visa end up wanting to stay longer. Even though I left before my visa expired, I don`t blame them. However, please note that it can be very difficult to get a visa sponsorship, but it is not impossible. In 2008, Ireland and the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a 12-month intern work and travel pilot program (also known as the working holiday agreement), which allows Irish and American citizens to work and travel in each other`s country for up to 12 months. The agreement reflects not only the close historical and cultural ties between Ireland and the United States of America, but also the vitality of modern economic and trade relations between our countries. University or university students holding a U.S. passport can apply for a “work leave visa” in Ireland. This allows you to live and work in Ireland for up to a year.