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Western Australia Tenancy Agreement

Signing incentives are bonuses given by the landlord to the tenant, usually for signing a tenancy agreement or signing a fixed-term tenancy agreement. You can include a free monthly rent or a rent reduction for temporary rental months. If the tenant violates the tenancy agreement, these incentives may have to be refunded to the lessor. WA renters offer phone advice for tenants throughout Western Australia. However, sometimes you need personal assistance with your rental applications, and then you can talk to a tenant lawyer. A tenant lawyer can provide advice and actions, write letters, petitions and go to court. If you have difficulty accessing Tenant WA`s advice service, you can contact your local tenant lawyer. Fixed end date – A lease agreement with a fixed end date gives a guarantee for both the landlord and the tenant. It indicates the exact day of the end of the lease. The advantage is that neither party is obliged to terminate the lease to terminate the lease, it simply expires on the specified date. In a fixed-term lease, the lessor cannot increase the rent or change other terms of the tenancy agreement unless he expressly reserves the right in the contract and the tenant accepts the changes. Contractual terms can only be changed with the written agreement of the landlord and tenant.

The expiry of the lease does not necessarily end the lease. If a “periodic” term is chosen, the lease is automatically renewed on the same terms as the first lease, unless it is amended by a formal termination, in accordance with the law. A one-year “periodic monthly lease” is therefore in fact 12 separate leases, automatically renewed. The lease is automatically renewed until one of the parties wishes to terminate the lease (by a correct termination, as required by law). If the contract is written, the owners must provide each tenant with a copy of the contract when the contract is signed.